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I am a 30 year veteran of social services who has spent the past 15 with a focus in family therapy. I specialize in illuminating aspects of your relationship with yourself, your spouse and family in a unique manner, that has assisted my clients in overcoming many obstacles to personal fulfillment. There is no greater pain than the disconnect and intense disharmony of our relationships with our spouses, children and even our colleagues. My clients find that understanding the forces that cause them in to mismanage intimate and important relationships empowers them to breath new life into what felt broken and unsustainable. Feeling that we have no power to alter our course causes us to lose hope and impairs our ability to function effectively. Individual,  marital and, family therapy is the cure. 

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There are many different types of therapist, counselors and coaches that all serve their clients in different ways. People often tell me about the frustration they have experienced in trying to find the right person. Many counselors passively listen and offer advice, which may fall short for the a high functioning, new or desperate client. A multi-faceted interaction is required to process and release emotional pressure, as well as navigate difficult circumstances to an effective outcome. I am results driven and feel energized when my clients are making progress; therefore I don't  want to waste our time or your money in an endless cycle of appointments. I hold the therapy process sacred, as our work is with weighty and sensitive issues that have the power to greatly impact the quality of your life. My first priority is to your relief and empowerment, if you are not improving, the goal is to connect you with the appropriate professionals and services that can make a difference. Very few seasoned professionals still accept insurance. I may accept your insurance or am happy to submit the necessary paperwork to be partially reimbursed as an out of network provider.


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