Happiness is the art of telling your story until you get it right.

I have been a professional clinical therapist, certified teacher and social worker for 35 years (700+ clients). As a result of working in schools, agencies, hospitals and private practice I provide a unique, multifaceted approach. While clients may require assistance with a specific issue, the goal of intervention, treatment and coaching is to assist individuals, couples and families to create an effective disposition that will ideally provide a sense of power and peace in all of their relationships and environments. Having said all that, while it may sound technical, I am known for my down to earth, very human and personable approach. I pride myself in my ability to create relationships with my clients (including those who may be resistant or skeptical when they begin).

There is no need to move forward being a slave to your mood.

I specialize in individual, marriage and family counseling for depression, anxiety, anger, substance issues and relationships. I work with couples and families in overcoming general conflict, delinquency, infidelity and distrust in order to achieve a peaceful and loving experience.

All counseling is not the same. I am highly interactive and will help you learn how to be an effective patient. The aim is to improve your approach to life and relationships in order to feel a general sense of well being. Identified problems often fall into this experience. My clients are high functioning, intelligent people who have identified the benefit of outside help in order to evolve effectively.

With insurance deductibles clients may still pay $1000s before insurance kicks in.

I have had the privilege of participating in some of the most important experiences and relationships of a diverse collection of families and individuals. Teaching people how to navigate the pilgrimage of self improvement and the details of very challenging issues is an incredible experience.


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